Olympus Academy Workshops: Melbourne September 2019 ERST & TTT

October 1, 2019

Endoscope Reprocessing Training – 23rd September

On Monday 23rd September, LIVE Melbourne was host for a fully booked Endoscope Reprocessing Specialist Training. The day saw seven registered nurses and three sterilisation technicians come through the centre for the training. Facilitating the day was Laurie Mallia (Professional Education Manager, Medical Affairs) who took the attendees through a morning of theory, followed by hands on time in the afternoon.

The training covered endoscope mechanics, reprocessing, and pre-cleaning. During the morning theory component, all attendees had access to broken down scopes, so they could physically see the features being talked to throughout the session. After the didactic segment of the day, the attendees were taken into the cleaning room where they could put the skills they had learnt into practice. Here, Laurie demonstrated correct cleaning techniques before giving the attendees time to practice.

During the day, attendees were also taken on a tour of LIVE and the National Service Centre (NSC). This gave them an overview of the total Olympus offering as well as an insight into what happens when their scopes are sent off for repair. During the tour of the NSC, the guests were interested to see the repair technicians soldering components of the endoscopes.

Endoscope Reprocessing Train the Trainer – 24th September

Tuesday 24th September saw four guests return to LIVE Melbourne for Endoscope Reprocessing Train the Trainer (TTT). As a prerequisite for this course, attendees must have completed an Endoscope Reprocessing Specialist Training (ERST) within 12 months prior to the course date. All attendees had recently completed their training, half doing so in August while the others attended the ERST training on Monday 23rd September. Facilitating the day was Teresa Giles (Training Manager, Medical Affairs) assisted by Laurie Mallia (Professional Education Manager, Medical Affairs).

The TTT course is designed to provide participants with information, competency tools and hands-on training. This enables them to have the resources, knowledge and skills required to establish training programs within their hospital or region. Topics covered during the day include:

  •  Correct procedures for reprocessing of Olympus endoscopes
  •  Guidelines, standards and best practices
  •  Developing and implementing a continuing education/quality assurance program in their facility to promote safety of patients and staff
  • Assessing and validating the competency of all personnel involved with the reprocessing of flexible and rigid endoscopes & accessories
  • Common reprocessing errors and how they correspond to endoscope repairs
  • Proper endoscope care, handling and storage
  • Infection control, occupational health and safety and how to apply it to their practice

The day was a mix of theory and practical learning allowing the attendees to practice topics covered throughout the course.

Following on from the day, all attendees will receive an additional two days of onsite visits from Olympus Clinical Educators to cover onsite processes and troubleshooting enquiries.