Endoscope Reprocessing Specialist Train The Trainer: 2nd April 2019

April 4, 2019

On April 2nd 2019, LIVE Sydney hosted its first Endoscope Reprocessing Specialist Training, Train the Trainer workshop (ERST TTT). Six attendees from five different hospitals were welcomed to the course.

Teresa Giles (Training Manager, Medical Affairs) led the first session that was focused on infection control and microbiology. This provided attendees with the knowledge of infection control principles and practice within their workplace. Following this, Sharon Kirk (Clinical Educator, Medical Affairs) demonstrated how to clean a scope while putting into practice the infection control principles and best practice standards.

The last part of the day had Sharon Kirk demonstrating the correct procedure for the cleaning and reprocessing of endoscopes. The participants received hands-on training and ended the day with an assessment on the cleaning and reprocessing competency levels that they’ll require to utilise within their workplace environment.